© Stefan Brandstetter
© Stefan Brandstetter

Pleasure Dancing

This workshop offers a colourful mixture of contemporary dance technique, floorwork, improvisational exercises and movement sequences. Ideal for everyone who wants to test their physical limits without losing focus on their own well-being.

Katharina also teaches another Workshop

ARTISTBIO: Katharina Senk

Katharina Senk is an Austrian Dance-Artist, based in Vienna. She performed in the works of Doris Uhlich, Florentina Holzinger, Georg Blaschke and many more. In her artistic practice Katharina looks for ways to join her interests in (post)humanism, feminism and inclusion with her knowledge from the fields of dance, martial-arts and movement. Together with her colleague Tanja Erhart she researches inclusive practices of dancing with “(assistive) tools”. Katharina's artistic efforts earned her various scholarships.

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