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Bulerias auf der Wiesen (Flamenco)

Bulerias (derived from Spanish, burlar) means “to joke with someone” and is one of the most popular dances and songs in the Fiestas Flamencas of Andalusia. In this spirit, we will approach the aesthetics of flamenco and its most important movements in a playful and humorous way in simple, repetitive sequences. With Carlos Ronda a flamenco percussionist from Valencia.

Recommendation for kids & teens

ARTISTBIO: José "El Fyty" Carillo de Mora

José Antonio Carrillo de Mora, "El Fyty" (1969), was born in Triana, a famous district in Sevilla for being the cradle of flamenco. Immersed since early childhood in the peculiar artistic environment that defined his neighborhood, he learned to play the guitar and developed his talent surrounded by many great names of flamenco on a daily basis. He thus acquired a very strong technique in the purest tradition with a powerful street component, enriched with a personal interest in various music genres.

His unique style of playing lead him to perform with some of the most renowned personalities of the flamenco scene on prestigious stages all over the world. Apart numerous performances at the Mont de Marsan festival (with Esperanza Fernandez, Rafael Riqueni, or dancer El Mimbre), he played for Lole Montoya, dancers Juana Maya y El Torombo, to cite just a few.

A major part of his musical career has been his work as guitarist and composer of Maria Pages dance Company. For nearly 20 years with the company he’s been touring the world’s most significant theaters ( such as Sadler’s Wells theater in London, Bunka Mura Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Auditorio Parco della Musica in Rome, National Theatre in Taipei, Esplanade Theater in Singapore,…) and had the opportunity to work  with non-flamenco artists such as contemporary dance choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (“Dunas”).

While he keeps accompanying flamenco singers and dancers, based between Tel Aviv and Triana “El Fyty” has been working on his own compositions and projects reflecting his accomplished, creative and highly versatile musical mind.    

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ARTISTBIO: Marco de Ana

In his scenic work Marco de Ana strikingly combines his deep knowledge of traditional Flamenco with contemporary concepts. This diversity and his challenging of all kinds of arts are the main aspects of Marco’s work as a dancer and choreographer. His personal vision, creativity, the quality and precision of his work led him to collaborate with outstanding artists like Pedro G. Romero and Pepa Gamboa, Israel Galván and his sister Pastora Galván or Rosario Toledo and Joaquín Grilo.
Marco co-performed in Galvanicas (Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2002) and since then has worked with Israel as his personal coach and assistant choreographer. He has danced at Spain‘s most famous Tablaos in Seville, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid and Tokyo. The number of scenic works realised for his own dance company, such as Insistencia (2016), Yo vengo de Hungria (2014), Solo-a working process and Paraiso (2013), La flor del poeta, Espacios, Lento (2011), Caminos de la Libertad, Eclipse and Fragmentos (2009/2010) and many more, reflect the creative ambition of this outstanding artist.

Marco de Ana's artistic relation and long-lasting cooperation with Israel Galván has clearly influenced his work. Important theatres and Dance Festivals in Japan, Germany, the United States, Canada, Turkey, Spain and Austria have shown his works. Marco de Ana recorded three Flamenco-Dance DVDs: Herencia Flamenca (Barcelona 2006), Raices del baile flamenco and El baile Flamenco (Sevilla 2004/06).
And last but not least he is known as a magnificent teacher with a long experience in Seville and all over the world.

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