© Nina Saurugg
© Nina Saurugg

Alegado Movement Language

Joe’s teaching strengthens the relationship to the earth and to the roots necessary to anchor our freedom of movement. Participants learn about transitions of the skeletal structure through space with a focus on coordination, rhythm, focus and, above all, authenticity in movement.

ARTISTBIO: Joe Alegado

Joe Alegado has been a member and soloist of the Ballet Hispanico of NYC, Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble and the José Limón Dance Company performing around the world in some of the most famous dance works in the Modern dance repertory.

He has taught extensively throughout Europe and the world teaching and choreographing in diverse festivals, studios, institutions and dance companies. He is one of the original faculty members of ImPulsTanz Workshops (formerly Wiener Tanzwochen). His work in over three decades of working in Europe has been reflected in his evolution here at the ImPulsTanz Festival.
Even though his main focus is his teaching, his choreographic creations around Europe and beyond have served as a source of inspiration for a dance training methodology which uses the performance stage as a reference point in which to direct the flow, energy and intent of the class process. From the early years of teaching Limon Technique, to the present fusion of his own personal movement language, his work has metamorphosed from the unique expression of the fundamental principles of Limon's work, to the creation of his own class methodology: Shifting Roots – the Alegado Movement Language.

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