Performances 2012

Performances 2012

Raul Maia & Thomas Steyaert (AT/PT & BE)
The Ballet of Sam Hogue and Augustus Benjamin

© Hasan Kuyucu

Raul Maia (AT/PT) & Thomas Steyaert (BE)

„The Ballet of Sam Hogue and Augustus Benjamin“

Two young men enter the stage, put down their backpacks, take off their jackets and all the rest of their clothes except for their incredibly unsexy underpants. So there they are, Raùl Maia and Thomas Steyaert, both former dancers with Wim Vandekeybus’ company Ultima Vez, ready to perform their ‘mystic ballet‘. The performers engage in a communication without the use of words or representation, using only their bodies and the languages that come from it. What seems to be a physical ritual doesn’t follow a narrative, yet the performers create something that feels familiar and recognizable at times.

Duration: approx. 55 min.


New venue: The performance of Raùl Maia and Thomas Steyaert takes place at WUK!

17.7.2012, 22:00
19.7.2012, 22:00