Performances 2022

Performances 2022

Music Video Programme International
Into the Groove

Arca "Prada/Rakata" Concept & Scenario: Frederik Heyman & Arca

The international music video programme entitled Into The Groove, which was already screened at Vienna Shorts 2022, presents international music video highlights of the past year at the Austrian Film Museum. The varied programme attempts to give a cross­section of contemporary works and it’s also great fun to immerse oneself in the meticulously designed worlds of the various videos. We race across Kiev’s most famous bridge with Rosalía, dive into eerily beautiful spheres with Arca and dance ecstatically through space and time with Mitski.

Music video programmes curated by Theresa Pointner and Christoph Etzlsdorfer

Duration: 65 Min
14.7.2022, 20:30
Österreichisches Filmmuseum