Performances 2022

Performances 2022

© Eugenia Miximova

Dig Up Productions / Elisabeth Tambwe (AT/DE/CD)

Choreographic Convention
© Eugenia Miximova

What is old? There is a new way of looking at the body, the old body, the aged body. Covid has brought it into the foreground, shows like Germany’s Next Topmodel into the spotlight. In her musical­-discursive for­mat Salon Souterrain, which rethinks the bourgeois idea of the salon in the context of current debates regarding transformation, Elisabeth Tambwe and her guests explore the “silver economy” and the new hype around grey hair on plasticized and profitable bodies. In doing so, they ask the actually important question: What does it mean to grow old?

Part of the Choreographic Convention VII In Other Words: A Future
(in english)

Duration: 300 Min
13.7.2022, 17:00
MQ – Libelle


VISUAL ART: Ruth Mateus-Berr, Mega Mingiedi Tunga/Cedrick Tshimbalanga
MUSIC: Pamelia Stickney, Lena Fankhauser, Melissa Coleman, DJ Universal Beatnick, Hyeji Nam, KVSAL/DJ Frank Claasinger, Anna Maria Niemiec
PERFORMANCE: Lau Lukkarila, JG Danso
Moderation Dr. Vassilis Tsianos
Guests Ruth Mateus-Berr, Dr. Olga Latowa, Lau Lukkarila, Dr. Helga Klug
and all the people, who want to contribute their reflections
FASHIONSHOW: styling by Andrijana Miljus (Ana van der Wolf) & Katarina Tutic
supported by Wolfmich moderated by Denise Van De Cruze

CATERING: Bar & Food by Salon Souterrain Wine by Karasek
Artistic Director: Elisabeth Bakabamba Tambwe
Production Management: Indra Jaeger
Curator Classical Music Lena Fankhauser
Research: Benoît Jouan
Production on set: Christoph Hausner
Video: Eduardo Trivino Cely
Graphic Design: Tim Wikkering 
Online Communication Francois Tambwe
Catering Management: Antonio Oreskovic

In collaboration with: ImPulsTanz, Angewandte Interdisciplinary Lab, music (CH)AMBER, Chateau Rouge, Laboratoire Kontempo, Verein
Fashionshow supported by WOLFMICH 

Special thanks to: Freud Museum & Khya Gheraïa
With friendly support by: BMKÖS, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport


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