Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Marina Otero (AR)

© Maca De Noia

Internal resistance, exposed to the brink of self-destruction, determines the life and work of this dance extremist. “I have always imagined myself in the middle of the stage, as a heroine, taking revenge on everything”, Marina Otero states, “but my body couldn’t take so much fighting”. Hence, the choreographer only takes part in FUCK ME as a minor character. The piece tells the story of why she had to spend a year in hospital. She cedes her place to others and watches “them lend their body to my narcissistic cause”. Half a dozen naked men tell the autofiction of this radical artist. Otero, the granddaughter of an intelligence officer during the military dictatorship in Argentina, reveals the dark secrets her grandparents took to the grave. In order to finally tell what has been kept silent, Otero turns personal history into open protest. To do so, she is prepared to break every taboo and quench her thirst for revenge.

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 70 Min

In Spanish with English surtitles.
This performance contains theatrical fog and loud music.
This performance contains nudity. Recommended from the age of 16.
25.7.2023, 21:00
sold out
27.7.2023, 19:00
sold out
© Maca De Noia
© Ale Carmona
© Maca De Noia
© Maca De Noia
© Diego Astarita
© Maca De Noia
© Maca De Noia


Dramaturgy and direction: Marina Otero
Performers: Augusto Chiappe, Juanfra López Bubica, Fred Raposo, Matías Rebossio,
Miguel Valdivieso, Cristian Vega, Marina Otero
Assistant director: Lucrecia Pierpaoli
General production: Mariano de Mendonça
Space and lighting / technical direction: David Seldes, Facundo David
Space and lighting design: Adrián Grimozzi
Custome design: Uriel Cistaro
Sound design and original music: Julián Rodriguez Rona
Dramaturgy advice: Martín Flores Cárdenas
Choreographic assistant: Lucía Giannoni
Visual artist: Lucio Bazzalo
Audiovisual technical montage: Florencia Labat
Costume styling: Chu Riperto
Costume: Adriana Baldani
Photography: M. Kedak, D. Astarita, A. Carmona, M. De Noia, M. Roa
Production: Marcia Rivas
Executive production: Mariano de Mendonça
Distribution & delegated production: Otto Productions, Nicolas Roux and Lucila Piffer T4, Studio Grompone, PTC Teatro

This play was premiered in coproduction with the International Festival of Buenos Aires (FIBA) 2020.

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