Open Doors 2022

Open Doors 2022

Education, Q+A, Jam, hosted by Peeps

Tuesday, 12.7., 20:15
Arsenal, Studio 2

HOUSEROOM is an educational programme, created by Peeps,  about House dance and the history of its origin within a musical and cultural context. House dance has its roots in the underground club scene of New York in the late 1980s. The mostly improvised moves stem directly from the bass, rhythms and riffs of House music and concentrate on foot steps (Footwork), fluid groovy movements of the torso (Jacking) and floor work (Lofting). 

Taking influences from different dance styles like Jazz, Salsa, Tap dance, Afro and more, this movement research will make you visit and understand the origins of this social dance and go deeper in its roots. We will fly over different dance and music areas to understand more how this dance is born. Acceptance, freedom, spiritual and the joyfulness being fundamentals of this dance Houseroom is a moment to share, be together and closer of our culture.

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