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The Humane Body presents

Volmir Cordeiro "L’œil la bouche et le reste" © Fernanda Tafner
Volmir Cordeiro "L’œil la bouche et le reste" © Fernanda Tafner

With the one-year EU project The Humane Body – ways of seeing dance the participating partners Kaaitheater Brussels, CND Paris, The Place London and Wiener Tanzwochen/ImPulsTanz are committed to raise an awareness for blind and partially sighted people as potential audiences of contemporary dance. On 8th, 9th and 10th March 2017 two of the three performances created within the frame of this project will celebrate their premiere at the CND Paris: Vera Tussing’s The Palm of Your Hand #2 and Volmir Cordeiro’s L’œil la bouche et le reste.

The Humane Body – ways of seeing dance

Is a one-year project realised by three of the most influential institutions of contemporary dance in Europe: CND Paris under the artistic direction of Mathilde Monnier, whose performances have been received with huge success at several ImPulsTanz festivals, the renowned multidisciplinary venue Kaaitheater in Brussels and the dedicated The Place, which presents high-quality performances not only in London, but brings them also to rural areas.
The aim of the project is to create an awareness for blind and partially sighted people as a potential audience for contemporary dance. On the one hand in artists, by inspirening and supporting them to take into account a visually impaired audience right from the start of their creation processe, on the other hand in producers and organisers.


The heart of the project, which continues until the end of 2017, is the creation of three performances by Vera Tussing (London/Brussels), Volmir Cordeiro (Paris) and Anne Juren (Vienna).
The choreographer’s approaches are very divers, what they have in common though, is the fact that blind and partially sighted people are invited to accompany the process as experts right from the start of the creation and the intention to facilitate an equal performance experience to visually impaired and seeing audiences alike.
While Volmir Cordeiro includes an introductory touch tour as well as audio describtion as an artistic means in his piece L’œil la bouche et le reste, Vera Tussing conveys her choreography in The Palm of Your Hand #2 by a most of all tactile handling of the audience by the performers, by "moving yourself" and "being moved". In Anne Juren’s Blind Spot again, the audience, guided mainly by voice and sound, is taken onto a meditative choreography through their own bodies. 

In addition to coproducing the three performances each project partner offers topic related workshops as well as to blind and visually impaired people, as to artists and audio describers. Panel discussions, a closing symposium at ImPulsTanz 2017 and a publication on the project top off the special focus.

The Humane Body – ways of seeing dance is supported by the EU-Programme Creative Europe.



REBECCA PATEK "ineter(a)nal f/ear" © MARIA BARANOVA

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