Sarah Gaderer



Sarah Gaderer has been creating theatre for and with young people for 10 years. After studying theatre, film and media studies, philosophy and gender studies in Vienna, assistant directing at Theater Phönix and Theater des Kindes in Linz and several trainings in dance, theatre and performance, she works as a director, performer and theatre pedagogue and runs theatre.nuu – performance for young people together with Laura-Lee Jacobi. Her production MOON AWOOH was a prize-winning play in the Jungwild competition, FLIEGEN LERNEN (co-production with LOTTALEBEN) was awarded in the category Outstanding Production for Children at STELLA*19 and BLUB was nominated in the category Outstanding Set at STELLA*22. Since 2017, Sarah Gaderer has been a permanent member of the theatre pedagogical team at the Open Stage Theaterwerkstatt. She is the mother of Taro and Una.


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