Tina Rauter (AT)



Tina Rauter started her path to dance through her interest in the body and its complexity of movement. House Dance was her entry into the afro-american and latin-american dance cultures. Through her stays in New York and her time at the Juste Debout School in Paris (2012), she delved deeper into the community aspect and the history of the origins of House Dance, Waacking, Voguing and Hip Hop culture. Marjory Smarth, Sekou Heru, Archie Burnett and Bravo Lafortune were instrumental in her development in dance.

Through her dance pedagogical training and further education in contemporary dance, she combines pedagogical aspects with the transmission of technique, the promotion of individuality and information on music and cultural history.

In 2019 she started the House Clubbing A party called JACK in Vienna together with the artist TJ Hicks (NYC). This clubbing stands for diversity, community, music and club dance culture.


        Karin Cheng
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