Cat Jimenez (AT/PH)


The Vienna-based artist was born Paz Katrina Jimenez in the Philippines and moved to Austria with her family at the age of 4. Her background in visual arts and street dance allowed her to move between the expressiveness of hip-hop and house culture and the minimalist aesthetics of contemporary art. This has created a style that has enabled her to win several Austrian battles in the categories Experimental and All Stylez.

Since 2015 Cat is mainly active in dance theatre and has participated in several local and international mentoring programmes and residencies for her own work as a choreographer and dancer. In 2017 she received the danceWEB scholarship from Impulstanz 2017 - and the scholarship from the city dancer Klagenfurt and in 2018 the START scholarship from the BKA. She has worked for various compagnies such as Hungry Sharks, Cie.Gervasi, n ï m company and was invited to Brussels for a research with Ultima Vez. In 2019 Jimenez premiered the duo WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?, which received very positive reviews. In 2020 she was invited to the Breakin Convention in London to create her latest work.


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