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Natalia Kempa, has been active in the Austrian dance scene since 2011. She has been teaching regularly at Arriola Tanzstudio, Vienna Dance Center, BigsmileClub, but has also taught at other studios for many years. Her professional career is enriched by choreographic direction of championship pieces for ESDU and ASDU as well as close cooperation with Belfor Productions. In recent years her resumé has been complemented by collaborations with ImPulsTanz, Red Bull Austria, EatSlayLove, Queensbrunch, Dance Lives Vienna (under the production of Nadja Saxer), collaboration with Cho Ka Fai, as well as artistic direction of Mimesis, a vernissage.

For the past 4 years she has assisted Archie Burnett during his waacking and voguing workshops at ImPulsTanz and is co-founder of Waacking Vienna, a platform for the Vienna waacking community with the goal of growing as a community. In 2022 she launched Femmology to give professional dancers the opportunity to grow more intensely and interpret art in new ways.


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