Defne Erdur (IT/FR/TR)



Defne Erdur is a mover, researcher and a therapist working in the fields of performing arts, health and education. She is trained in Contemporary Dance (PhD), Sociology (BA, MA), Inter-model Expressive Art Therapy and Creativity, Meditation (World Peace Initiative), and Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing, Integral Somatic Psychology, Full Embodiment, TRE, Deep Tissue Release and Trigger Point Massage Therapy). Having worked with pioneers in Somatics and different theraupeutic modalities, she is actively practising and researching towards a deeper understanding of the body as a bio-psycho-social whole. Invested in building safe, inclusive, and collaborative creative environments, she offers workshops (Hunting Gathering Cultivating, Every Body Knows, Consent Improvisation) and residencies (MA-Pregnant Nothingness, Moving Library) around the world. She travels and works with different populations ranging from professional and amateur dancers to therapists; from women and LGBTQIA+ people to migrant children and youth. In the last years, she prioritised founding and coordinating humanitarian task forces for trauma prevention and healing (SE Turkey Covid-19 Support for Health Practitioners, SE Ukraine Task Force, World Human Relief-SE Turkey Earthquake Solidarity). Today she is recovering from burnout, reconnecting to her own resources and building her home. She believes in joy.


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