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Dance - and Theatre-Workshops for Children & Youth 
A project by Dschungel Wien and ImPulsTanz


Together with Dschungel Wien we once again worked out a programme to thoroughly Shake your school Break! Over the course of four weeks kids from the age of 3,5 to youngsters up to the age of 18 can dance out, shake the bodies, let their imagination run wild and invent stories. You can choose between 16 Workshops of one to five hours (S-L) and sweat together with international teachers, choreographers and theatre makers.

Along the lines of “happy people are curious” Shake the Break 2017 ’s bold ambition is to pique all curiosities and tastes – play Tetris, become your power animal, dance HipHop in the style of Missy Elliott, box like Mike Tyson, travel through Africa and enjoy some cocktails. What’s the Roger Rabbit? – a rabbit or a HipHop Move? In doubt: just strike a pose! Let’s groove through the summer … and 5, 6, 7, 8!

Date & Place: the Shake the Break Workshops take place from Monday to Friday between 17 July - 11 August 2017 at Dschungel Wien.

Psst! Two insider tips for you: Vera Rosner and Frans Poelstra do not only invite children to their dream workshop, but everyone aged between 8 and 99. Bring your grandma, aunties and uncles.
The workshop by Suni Löschner and Katharina Weinhuber is addressing children with and without experience of escaping their home coutries.

© Karolina Miernik

Maartje Pasman


Until we topple over
Week1: 17 - 21 July, 10:15 - 11:45 (S)
Who does not know Tetris? The computer game is the ultimate game classic among the puzzle video games with the objective to merge matching puzzle pieces in various ways. But what happens if we turn into a tetris-piece? How do we look like? Square or round? Light or heavy?

© Rainer Berson

Laura Steinhöfel

Marshmellow-Mantra (7-11J)

Let's work on a piece!
Week1: 17 - 21 July, 10:00 - 14:00 (L)
We dance, fight and transform. There is a big suitcase full of costumes and music. On stage we can claim everything: forest, grim underworld and cloud castles. We explore Peer Gynt's adventures, listen to Edward Grieg's opera and work on Henrik Ibsen's play. Showing included!

© Karolina Miernik

Ákos Hargitay

BodyParkour (10+)

Heroes in overcoming obstacles!
Week1: 17 -21 July, 12:00 - 13:30 (S)
We jump over bodies and a scaffolding cube, dance, do acrobatics and stunts, just like Jackie Chan. The movement material is an urban mix between Parkour, Tricking, Breakdance. No obstacle is too big for us!

© Petar Borovec

Sanja Tropp Frühwald


Contemporary Dance, what the f...
Week1: 17 - 21 July, 10:30 - 14:30 (L)
We dive into the world of contemporary dance, fantasise, improvise and compose. Out of nothing, out of ourselves, our potentials, our soft spots, our affinities, preferences, desires we will find inspiration for our very own master pieces. Showing included!

© Elisabeth Handl

Suni Löschner

Von Seepferdchen und Seifenblasen (3,5-5J)

Water Dances
Week2: 24 - 28 July, 09:30 - 10:30 (S)
We will dive into the image of water dance and meet each other like water animals in the vastness of the ocean. We will use a watery slide, jump into the cold water and pop like soap bubbles.

© Karolina Miernik

Mamadou M'Baye

Afrikanischer Kindertanz (6-9J)

Stories accompanied by drums
Week2: 24 - 28 July, 10:15 - 11:45 (S)
Mamadou's long-standing presence at ImPulsTanz speaks in the favour of the dancer, musician, poet and storyteller. The songs for children from his native Senegal make for a lot of material for dance stories, which are accompanied by Mamadou's live drumming. Catchy tunes are assured!

Florentina Holzinger & Btissame Amadour

Ninja-Training (10-14J)

Week2: 24 - 28 July, 12:00 - 14:00 (M)
We invite appalled and dauntless Ninjas, who are adventurous and happy to dive into a unique experience and stage experiment. Together we will confront our fears and turn them into a strength. Boxing and other martial art techniques and self-defence and film-stunts – just like Rocky Balboa or Jackie Chan.

© Ani Antonova

Steffi Jöris

Richtig falsch! (12 -16J)

Failure permitted!
Week2: 24 - 28 July, 11:00 - 13:00 (M)
If this is right, then what is wrong? We will delve into the world of contradictions and combine movement and drama. We will invent new characters and tell stories. Everything's allowed – including failing, because this is the greatest fun and triggers the best ideas.

© Lilli Strauss

Vera Rosner & Frans Poelstra

Mellow Yellow (8-99J)

Let's exchange our dreams!
Week2: 24 - 28 July, 10:00 - 15:00 (L)
What happens with our dreams and wishes in the real world? Come to the workshop with your longings and cravings and together we try to make them come true. The more they are impossible and unrealistic, the better. Because this is where it starts! Bring your aunties, uncles and grandparents!

Bruno Caverna

Becoming Animal (9+)

Your power animal
Week3: 31 July - 04 August, 10:00 - 11:30 (S)
Do you have a power animal? What skills does it have? Is it strong and powerful, agile and quick, sneaky and clever or fearless and firm? Through crawling, rolling, bouncing, playing we will use our instincts to explore the space like a curious animal would do. 

© Rainer Berson

Futurelove Sibanda

Afrofusion Dance (9-13J)

Let's move it!
Week3: 31 July - 04 August, 12:00 - 13:30 (S)
Let’s travel together to Southern Africa! Through movements, music and improvisations we will explore various stories and games of Futurelove Sibanda.

© Niels Robitzky

Daybee Dorzile

Urban Style 13+

A musical feast for the senses
Week3: 31 July - 04 August, 10:15 - 11:45 (S)
An introduction to the urban dance culture, step by step: "The Robocop", "The Fila", "The Roger Rabbit", "The Rambo" and many more! Increase body awareness, find the rhythm, pimp your self-confidence and most of all: have fun to great music beats!

© Rainer Berson

Grischka Voss

Let's play! (7-11J)

Who says  a king needs a crown?
Week3: 31 July - 04 August, 10:30 - 14:30 (L)
You can be what ever you imagine to be! Through playful bodywork we will explore the many possibilities of how to stage, for example a limping flamingo, which just found out that it won a dance competition! Everyone is invited to invent a story, stage it and play it together with others.

© Elisabeth Handl & Dagmar Höfferer

Suni Löschner & Katharina Weinhuber feat. OSSO


A Workshop for children with and without experiences of flight
Week4: 07 - 11 August, 10:00 - 12:00 (M)
We start to go on a dance-journey. A journey to faraway countries. We will exchange our favourite music and related dance moves and show them to one another. Forwards, backwards, from one place to the next. Everyone at the age of 8 to 12, interested in a cultural exchange, is welcome to join!

© Lukas Bezila

Romy Kolb


Beach Party, Fruitcocktails & Airbeds
Week4: 07 - 11 August, 10:15 - 12:15 (M)
Here you will learn party dances, summerly poses and rhythmic dance combinations –  HipHop to House and Popping. We will choreograph and freestyle and inbetween we will have some fruit cocktails at the beach bar and airbeds for sunbathing. 

Jonathan Achtsnit

Das Glück dieser Erde (14-18J)

Questioning, Exploring and Transforming!
Week4: 07 - 11 August, 10:30 - 14:30 (L)
In this research lab we will ponder on what is considered as happiness: through interviews we gather some material and develop theatrical actions and turn into activists for happiness. We will enhance the local happiness index by spreading happiness cards, do some flash mobs and raise a smile on our fellow citizens.

Shake the Break Prices
Dance- and Theatre-Workshops for Children & Youth
An Initiative by Dschungel Wien and ImPulsTanz

Duration1-1,5 hours2 hours4-5 hours
Registration Fee40,-40,-40,-
first Workshop 60,-75,-120,-
each additional Workshop50,-65,-110,-
1-1,5 hoursDuration
40,-Registration Fee
60,-first Workshop
50,-each additional Workshop
2 hoursDuration
40,-Registration Fee
75,-first Workshop
65,-each additional Workshop
4-5 hoursDuration
40,-Registration Fee
120,-first Workshop
110,-each additional Workshop

Shake the Break Workshops for Children & Youth are indicated with an age limit and take place at Dschungel Wien.
The Registration Fee is a one time payment, regardless of the amount of Workshops you book and applies also to family members (parents, children, siblings).


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