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[Trans] Asia Portraits Trailer

© Maximilian Pramatarov

[Trans] Asia Portraits: "Sundar"

By Rohan Kanawade
In Transit: Movie Night I
10 February 2016

[Trans] Asia Portraits:"Funeral Parade of Roses"

By Toshio Matsumoto
In Transit: Movie Night I
10 February 2016

danceWEB Brunch 2015 © Karolina Miernik

Photo Gallery

For all those who like to dwell in sweet festival memories or who want to see all of what they have missed, we will fill up our picture gallery from now on. Come and pay us a visit! MORE



The entire content and information on the ImPulsTanz festival 2015 as well as previous festivals can now be found in our ARCHIVE


Grafik: Olaf Osten & Katharina Gattermann
Grafik: Olaf Osten & Katharina Gattermann

ImPulsTanz Special: [Trans] Asia Portraits

From 06 - 14 February 2016 the first of our Specials in 2016 explores the state of tension between traditional and contemporary choreographic practices in Asia. A movie special dedicates itself to key works on transsexuality and transgender in Asia. In cooperation with Weltmuseum Wien and 21er Haus.

Biblioteca do Corpo 2016

From 08 July to 15 August 2016 the further education project led by Ismael Ivo amd assisted by Francesca Harper, will this year for the first time also take place in Zurich, before the participants move to Vienna. Applications will be accepted until 15 May 2016. MORE

danceWEB Vienna / dancer: Sayaka Kaiwa © David Bergé
danceWEB Vienna / dancer: Sayaka Kaiwa © David Bergé

ATLAS 2016 - Creating Dance Trails

From 14 July – 16 August 2016 the development & residency package ATLAS - Creating Dance Trails allows again young makers to induldge themselves profoundly into a full month of dance and performance, creation, professional coaching and exchange. MORE

DanceAbility Teacher Certification 2016

ImPulsTanz and Alito Alessi, founder and executive director of DanceAbility, offer another 1-month long DanceAbility Teacher Cerification class, taking place from 04 - 29 July 2016 in the course of the ImPulsTanz festival 2016. MORE

IDOCDE 2016: Call for proposals

Under the motto The Importance of Being [Un]Necessary the IDOCDE Symposium takes its fourth round from 29 - 31 July 2016. Proposals for practical or theoretical contributions to the symposium can still be handed in until 15 February 2016. MORE


ImPulsTanz Special: [Trans] Asia Portraits

06 – 14 February 2016

Curated by Michael Stolhofer, the programme focusses on controversial artistic works on transformation in present Asian societies. In performances and installations, Michael Laub, Choy Ka Fai and Preethi Athreya portray individuals undergoing these transitions. The Weltmuseum Wien presents two vast religious sculptures out of today’s daily life culture of India. A film programme curated by Cis Bierinckx is dedicated to issues of transgender and transsexuality and the struggle for (official) acceptance of sexual diversity. MORE


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