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Karolina Miernik
© Karolina Miernik

Philippe Riéra / SUPERAMAS (AT/FR)

Philippe Riéra/Superamas is a founding member of the Superamas group.
Past collaborations of Philippe Riéra include working with visual artists such as Claude Wampler (US), Markus Schinwald (AT), Isaac Julien (UK).

For the last 15 or so years, they have been produced in many theatres and festivals in Europe and North America and have imposed their trilogy "Big 1st Episode - Artificial Intelligence / Reality Show", "Big 2nd Episode - Show / Business", "Big 3rd Episode - Happy / End". They then created "EMPIRE (Art & Politics)", "YOUDREAM" and "THEATRE". They also exhibit in Art Galleries, produce films and publish books. In the season 2010/11 Superamas published with "Les Presses du Réel" and Jeroen Peeters a book on the BIG series. Their work has been extensively shown and reviewed in Europe and North America. In 2014 "SuperamaX" was premiered and for 2016 a new big stage project with the working title "Vive l´armée francaise!" is planned. The members of Superamas also teach extensively within their different fields of expertise.

Since 2013 Superamas is artist in residence at the Maison de la Culture in Amiens and 2011-2014 at VOORUIT/Ghent, where for the first time the integral series of BIG (1-3) has been shown in 2008. Superamas is based in Austria, France and Belgium. Internationally Superamas was presented at renown festivals like Festival d`Avignon, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Tanz im August/Berlin, Mettre en Scene/Rennes and at many venues including HAU/Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Vooruit/Ghent, Kampnagel/Hamburg, The Kitchen/NYC, Walker Art Centre/Minneapolis, MCA/Chicago, Maison de la Culture/Amiens and many more.

In astrophysics, the French word "superamas" designates a galactic super cluster in migration, the largest known structure in the universe; in Mexico, it is a supermarket chain; on the stage, it is a collective that says "us" to better assert its singularity. A Superamas show is therefore many people on the stage, incomparable energy, lightness and complexity mixed together, pleasure and seduction combined with a pitiless criticism of our media, social and political reality. As they say: An eminently political position is incumbent on artists today: to not leave the monopoly of amusement up to Walt Disney. In other words: “acting like a whore” can be an extremely subversive position. And Superamas’ shows really cause critical damage through the implosion of pleasure: they perfectly mime our spectacular shortcomings to better challenge our condition of spectator/actor in an over-mediatised, over-productive world whose obsession with power runs in fourth gear as well as in neutral. The European artists who make up Superamas, a migrant and international structure based in Austria, Belgium and France, play with all supports and all genres: theatre, dance, video, performance, installations, conversations, cocktail parties, the G8 or even schoolboy pranks between friends and a huge pharaonic spectacle. The company toys with the differences between art and kitsch, elite and popular culture, television and theatre. They use theatrical conventions to ask questions, without giving bite-size answers.


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