Alix Eynaudi & Elizabeth Ward
Restshop #6 – Institute of Rest(s) meets danceteller Elizabeth Ward

© G. Riebicke
Week 1, 15.7.–19.7.2024
17:30–20:00 / XL +Doz
Arsenal E

This workshop, an extension of Alix’ research project Institute of Rest(s), explores the interstices, the hollows, remains, the margins, additions, annotations, the footnotes; it slips/sleeps into the field of expanded choreography as an unstable set of artistic practices.

In Resthop #6, Institute of Rest(s) Alix will collaborate with dance-teller Elizabeth Ward and articulate a series of collective studies around a library; establish a practice in which books slide, literally, under the skins, in which it is a space to exercise rest in the arms of words and sentences and poems, a space in which thoughts are (dis)articulated by re-practising forces that already exist. Together.

Alix EynaudiElizabeth Ward
© Lyina Adieux
© Nicolas Provost