Open Doors 2022

Open Doors 2022

Open Talk – Art and dance in time of war. An opportunity to hold space for dialogue

Freitag, 5.8., 20:15
Arsenal, Studio E

An opportunity to hold space for dialogue about the war in Ukraine and other conflicts zones
Fascilitated by Katya Chizayeva & Olha Marusyn & Antonia Scatenova

Intro: What do I want you to know?
What are the places where we do and do not discuss war together?
What are the risks that come from taking sides? What are the risks from neutrality?
We come together in large group and talk about common themes, what’s surfacing up?
Read a reference – an article from Ukrainian feminist community in response to the statement from the European feminist community and discussion in a large group

Writing: one or two songs – big roll of paper – people can write on it together or Dance in response to these prompts :
- What is the feeling underneath all the dancing?
- What are you bringing with you? Who isn’t here? What hasn’t been said?
Big circle: A couple sentences round share / How can we support each other as a community? / What do we need to ask for at this time?
Closure: a moment of silence for the people killed in the war in Ukraine