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Audience Speed Dating with danceWEB artists Shakiba, Shirin and Kate after My Paradoxical Knives by Ali Moini, 17.07.2019

The show we’ve just seen was programmed in correspondence with the exhibition Pattern & Decoration. Therefore I wonder if you could weave a carpet out of 20 words that came to your minds or feelings during the performance?

Shakiba, Shirin & Kate:

Others just as others not as an audience
Not judging
Personal Responsibility
Wind chimes
Care & self care
Erasure – of the written poem

(It turns out that Shakiba and Shirin speak Farsi. Unlike the bigger part of the audience they understood the words of the Rūmī poem written on the ground.)

It was about the universe
Being in the centre
The moon and the sun don’t turn without me

I’m still hearing the sounds: deadeadeaea_deadeadeaea
Infinity – even if they are now cleaning the words on the floor
It’s about humanity
Being in a circular structure
Coming and going

(All three undulate with their arms in the air like trees moved by a strong breeze)



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