Biennale di Venezia: International call for the selection of young dancers and choreographers

On the occasion of the 18th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, the new international call for the third edition of Biennale College Danza under the mentorship of the director Wayne McGregor, is now online available.

Application deadline: 8 March 2024

Conceived to promote a new generation of dance artists, the intensive study and learning programme of Biennale College Danza 2024 will select 16 dancers (between the ages of 18 and 28) and two choreographers for a real experience in the field during a three-month (6 May until 3 August 2024) residency in Venice. Biennale College Danza’s theoretical and practical course of studies will conclude within the 18th Festival with the presentation of new choreographic works commissioned by La Biennale, and specifically:

1) a new creation by Wayne McGregor conceived for the space of the Sala Grande in the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido, and developed in collaboration with the young dancers of Biennale College together with the Wayne McGregor Company, which for the occasion will be in residence in Venice

2) a work from the repertory of Cristina Caprioli, one of the major choreographers and experimental theoreticians of Scandinavian dance, the author of works that disrupt the linguistic and perceptive conventions of dance, and who in the course of the residency will be both teacher and mentor to the selected dancers

3) two original new creations conceived by the selected choreographers, who will work together on their development with the dancers of the College

As a career forward pathway, the initiative is designed to support and champion a new generation of choreographers through hands on experience and motivating challenge. Vitally this will also include a focus on the ‘business of choreography’ from IP to contracts, getting commissions to working with collaborators – arming artists with the foundational livelihood skills to compose and execute their real-world working portfolio.

Call for dancers
Call for choreographers

The international calls for the selection of young dancers and choreographer are open until Friday 8 March 2024. Selected participants are provided with benefits and concessions (travel, housing, transportation, artists’ fees). 

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