Alexander Vantournhout & Emmi Väisänen

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Week 3, 29.7.–2.8.2024
11:40–14:10 / XL +Teacher
Arsenal G

The Partnering workshop focuses on exploring the complexity and imagination for new possibilities of working with another body. Through specific situations, principles are developed instead of fixed forms, integrating material that derive from various sources such as martial arts (Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Tai-Chi), acrobatics and partner acrobatics. Alexander and Emmi aim to approach partnering from a different angle; thereby, the body and the mind are challenged to discover situations that are unfamiliar.

The workshop is aimed at participants with a (semi-)professional background in dance or circus who have previous experience in partner work.

Alexander VantournhoutEmmi Väisänen
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