Marta Navaridas & Alex Deutinger feat. Eduardo Raon & Manuel Riegler

© Weisserfuchs
Week 2, 22.7.–26.7.2024
11:40–14:40 / XL +Teacher
Arsenal D
4 slots left

‘it happens to people, emails, balls, cheques, 
sound waves, saving rates, prices, hair, 
economies, booties, ideas, 
and even dead cats.

so here’s our question: you got bounce?’

If you are already familiar with using a jumprope as a training tool and curious to explore its artistic potential, you are in the right place. Here, everything revolves around the artistic development of the love of jumping. Together we will bounce, skip, hop, and jump with ropes, and develop rhythmic and choreographic patterns in space, with bodies, objects, sounds and costumes interacting in space. Bodies, objects, sounds, costumes and ideas will bounce off each other, the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. We will share ideas and strategies at eye-level, and are happy to take them further together. 

With live music by Eduardo Raon and Manuel Riegler, this workshop is a kick-off research for a coming stage production. Some of the performers of the show BOUNCE will join the workshop.

Our main working tools will be jumpropes, however we are not teaching jumprope technique.

Marta Navaridas and Alex Deutinger have both studied translation, interpretation and dance. They have been developing mostly text-based choreographies together since 2009. Work selection: Your Majesties, Speaking of Which, Queen of Hearts, Pontifex, Octopus, I would like to be a better person. They show their work at numerous national and international venues and since 2020 have been developing the performance series Emancipation of Wonder in collaboration with contemporary art museums.

We will provide a variety of ropes, but please do bring your own if you have. Don’t forget your sneakers!

Marta NavaridasAlex Deutinger
© Kati Göttfried
© Nuno Carvalho
© Manuel Riegler