Odile Seitz
BMC® & Instant Composition

© Hans-Jürgen Wege
Intensive 1, 20.7.+21.7.2024
12:10–14:40 + 17:30–20:00
Arsenal 4

Under the aspects of time, space and weight

This workshop explores the modulations under the aspects of time, space and weight that are possible in dance and that refine it endlessly. In particular, they will be explored in connection with bodily fluids such as blood, lymph, cellular fluids, etc. In this way, the qualities of movement will be explored with ease. This changes the qualities of movement with ease and the ability to resonate with others, encouraging spontaneity and improvisation.

Using anatomical information, dance becomes a rich exploratory space with direct application of instant composition. The following questions will also be explored:

  • How does self-perception and dancing together change under the aspect of time?
  • How does dance inscribe itself in space when it becomes perceptible?
  • How do connections to others and to space change when gravity and lightness deviate from movement?

The result is an expressive, free dance experienced from within.

Odile Seitz
© Hans-Jürgen Wege
© Wilfried Weis