Jermaine Browne dances on one leg in front of a light gray background. His left arm is raised above his head. The image rights are owned by Leandro Justen and Beniamin Boar

Jermaine Browne & Marta Coronado
Release Meets Commercial HipHop Fusion

© Leandro Justen & Beniamin Boar
Week 3, 29.7.–2.8.2024
11:40–13:40 / +Teacher
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Jermaine and Marta are teaming up to bring you a unique fusion of Release and commercial HipHop. The class explores the Release technique’s emphasis on the head-neck connection and on using the real weight of body parts, while Jermaine introduces his electrifying HipHop style that combines strength and sensuality with clean lines.

This workshop is perfect for those interested in looping, reversing, and transforming dance materials from both disciplines.

Jermaine BrowneMarta Coronado
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