Kenji Takagi & Emily Wittbrodt
Movement Sound Interface – Ensemble Work

© Chao Ming Ko
Intensive 1, 20.7.+21.7.2024
09:30–12:00 + 14:50–17:20 / +Teacher
Arsenal B

In this workshop, Emily and Kenji explore how movement and sound can interact with each other in an improvised performance and create a dramaturgy together. Drawing from their different experiences as a musician or as a dancer, they will offer exercises to explore the fusion of movement and sound to generate material and structure. At the same time the fluid boundaries between movement and sound will be explored, stressing the overlaps and possible crossovers between the different genres.

Participants are invited to respond to both elements and should have experience in improvisation in the performing arts.

Kenji TakagiEmily Wittbrodt
© Chao Ming Ko
© Ludwig Kuffer
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