Valentina Schisa & Elisabetta Violante
Constant Instinct

Week 1, 15.7.–19.7.2024
09:45–11:30 / +Teacher
Arsenal B
only bookable at the Workshop Office

Valentina Schisa and Elisabetta Violante have been Ismael Ivo's assistants in choreography and soloist dancers for 11 years, from 2008 to 2019. Side by side in all these years, they have explored the style and composition technique of the Brazilian choreographer, treasuring his teachings by living them first-hand.

During the workshop the dancers will be introduced to the artistic world of Ivo to discover new paths to create a multitasking body ready to attack and react. The workshop aims to encourage dancers to strengthen their technique through dynamic exercises and sequences on movement, based on Ivo’s vocabulary. Improvisation plays a fundamental role and it will be explored by the dancers to express their own uniqueness and individuality.

Valentina SchisaElisabetta Violante
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