Stéphane Peeps

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Week 4, 5.8.–9.8.2024
Arsenal E
Intensive 3, 3.8.+4.8.2024
09:45–12:00 + 15:00–17:15
Arsenal F

From traditional African movements to House dance basics mixed with different energies, Stéphane’s House class is a mix of dance work-play and personal dance development.

In his workshop basic steps of House will be taught and ways of expressing yourself are encouraged through rhythmic sequences and improvisation. What's good for beginners is that the basic steps are broken down and explained in detail (e. g. Jacking, Skating, Chase, Salsa Hop, Sidewalk, Stomp and more). This helps to build a solid basis for moving, grooving and dancing freely to the music.

This workshop is structured like a journey, a journey where everyone can (re)discover, and try out new ways to move. No special dance background is required. Basics and fundamentals are learned, before setting off on a dance exploration – a transcendental, energetic and special experience for all of us.

Stéphane Peeps
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