Alleyne Dance
Alleyne Dance Intensive

© Laurent Gambarelli
Intensive 3, 3.8.+4.8.2024
12:10–17:10 / +Teacher
Arsenal B

The main focus of this intensive workshop class is learning the company repertory through strong, complex and technical sequences in and out of the floor, focusing on performance / stamina and commitment throughout the session. In addition to the room for improvisation aiming at self-development, the art of intention and honesty of movement and how emotions can transform material or be used as stimuli is explored. In these sessions participants will explore many ways to devise onto others / their own solos / group explorations and partner work.

This class is for participants discovering their personal styles in movement, self-development to improve in auditions and creative processes, young choreographers who want to test their creative methods and teachers who need inspiration for generating material.

Sadé Alleyne (Alleyne Dance)Kristina Alleyne (Alleyne Dance)
© Laurent Gambarelli
© Juan Carlos
© Juan Carlos