Marta Navaridas
Performing Presence (free? strict? freak?)

© Kati Göttfried
Week 3, 29.7.–2.8.2024
Arsenal B+

As a choreographer and performer, Marta started out with practices which require a high degree of discipline, and later introduced other practices which cultivate a pretty radical sense of freedom. Now she combines discipline and freedom in order to spark creativity. In this workshop for stage performers, she proposes to experiment with different modes of attention, awareness, and de-/concentration. She offers a variety of tasks and scores to give participants a framework to experience these different modes of being on stage.

The workshop will ask questions like:

  • How do my sensations and my thinking affect my presence?
  • How can I make the moment unique to myself and my audience?
  • How can I oscillate between strict, free, and freak?
Marta Navaridas
© Weisserfuchs