Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Dulce Villano aka. Brian007 is photographed in a highly stylised way, dressed in green, partly animal-print lingerie, with a mask covering his eyes over his head. Behind him is a green and yellow pattern of enlarged flowers, as well as enlarged paper flowers around him.

Dulce Villano
ADD-ON: Pole Bending

© Say10
Intensive 2, 22.7.+23.7.2023
12:15–14:15 + 17:45–19:45
Schmelz Bow

This is an introduction to pole dancing with basic spins, inversions and floor performance with voguing influences. Dulce believes that pole dancing is a sexy art form to explore his eros. It is suitable for anyone who likes to celebrate their sensuality and eroticism through movement. No slut shaming allowed!

Knee pads recommended. Heels optional.
No experience needed.
Please bring small towels.

Dulce Villano
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© Pablo @stained.negative
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