Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Guy Cools
Who needs a dramaturg?

© Pawel Wyszomirski
Intensive 1, 15.7.+16.7.2023
Schmelz 10

The workshop will offer the participants, practical tools and exercises to reflect upon, to evaluate and eventually to transform and improve their creative process.
Using the cross, circle and labyrinth as graphic symbols, we will discuss the essential polarities of the creative process: perception, formation, intuition and experience.

In the workshop we will focus on perception (what to look for), articulation (how to express oneself best in order to get what one is looking for) and interdisciplinary practices (looking at how artists work in other disciplines and finding creative ‘translations’ of this toward one’s own practice).
Through practical and physical exercises we will explore how dramaturgy/the dramaturg can contribute to this process as witness, dialogue partner and ‘editor’. We will focus amongst others on the editing process and the importance of rhythm and transitions inside this process.

The final goal of the workshop is to gain a different, renewed perspective of one’s own creative and choreographic process and methodologies.

Guy Cools