Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

© Jonathan Burrows

Jonathan Burrows & Bojana Cvejić
Choreography as a manifestation of how the brain already works

© Jonathan Burrows
Intensive 1, 15.7.+16.7.2023
11:00–17:00 / +Teacher
Schmelz 9

Choreographer Jonathan Burrows and dramaturge and theorist Bojana Cvejić share current choreographic research looking at neuroscientific and cognitive perspectives on the importance of sequenced movement for the ways in which human beings move through, perceive, remember and anticipate the world. The research seeks to understand choreography as body-brain-environment mapping rather than as externally devised structure, drawing from a wide range of recent findings across different disciplines and focusing on presentation of the sources, shared discussion and physical exploration.

Jonathan BurrowsBojana Cvejić

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