Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

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Akemi Takeya & Evandro Pedroni
Let’s fly

© Helmut Prochart
Intensive 1, 15.7.+16.7.2023
11:00–17:00 / +Teacher
Schmelz 8

Featuring Live Music by Didi Kern

The desire to fly is one of the oldest in human history. The urge for freedom, un-restrictedness, expanding one's own horizons and venturing into fantasy and unknown worlds are reflected in it.

This attempt “to fly” clearly requires a great deal of imagination to visualise the fantasy. Participants learn various kinds of elements for handling the human body as a tool in a session format. It is oriented towards content of practice, repetition, failure and development through different atmospheres, motivations, etc. Furthermore, Takeya combines the manipulation of one's own voice with movement.

We do basic voice and bodywork to create a body that can fly. To escape into space, to float through space, we need to evolve our body. We can fly in a loop of mechanised body in geometric movements. Or we might be able to fly by imitating a certain kind of bird. We create each one’s particular case on many levels with the desire to achieve impossible abilities – Let’s fly.

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