Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Anya Cloud & Sabine Parzer
Physics/Poetics/Politics – Contact Improvisation as Rigorous Change

© Maria Noisternig
Week 2, 17.7.–21.7.2023
17:00–20:00 / XL +Teacher
Schmelz 2

In a world full of change and crisis how do we position ourselves as dancers/people individually and collectively? How do we utilise contact improvisation as a practice to become powerful agents of change? How might fiercely engaging in the physics of the form invite us to be more personal, connected, poetic, and political? How can we generously work with contact improvisation as a high-risk practice?

Through rigorous consideration of who we are, how we move, how we relate, and our positionality in relationship with the group/world we will find ways to bravely be in vulnerability, athleticism, and artistry within our dancing. 

We develop nuanced and complex approaches for re-visiting foundational CI principles and practices as we activate reflexes and respond to the emergent conditions of the group. What kind of magic is possible when there is enough skill to take risks and enough accountability to have care? We will cultivate options and be aware of the impact. What if we fully show up through dancing as though our lives depend on becoming the change that we want to see?

We will work with 3-dimensionality, reflexes and physical survival skills, multilayered methodology inviting artistic and somatic skills, embodied spoken word (poetics of moving), exploring positionality and political activism within an artistic frame, consent and setting/respecting boundaries, and identity scores and awareness of group dynamics/complexities.

This workshop is designed for dancers with significant previous CI experience who are invested in the history and the future of CI in relationship with the current world.

Anya CloudSabine Parzer
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