Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Kenji Takagi & Emily Wittbrodt
Movement Sound Interface – The process of improvisation

© Ludwig Kuffer & Jan Möllmer
Week 4, 31.7.–4.8.2023
11:40–13:40 / +Teacher
Schmelz 1

Improvisation as an art-form will be approached from two different but overlapping angles in this workshop: the perspective of movement and the perspective of sound. The aim is to explore how these can co-create and co-exist in a performance situation. Emily and Kenji, both starting from their different individual practice as a musician or dancer, will give suggestions that motivate the participants to experiment with their own creative potential by allowing themselves to enter into a flow and trust the spontaneity of the moment. The workshop wants to give insights into what kind of processes happen during an improvisation and how to open oneself to them. At the same time, it aims at making musical concepts fruitful for creating dance. All participants are encouraged to respond with movement as well as with sound. The tasks may vary from incredibly simple to highly confusing, all targeted at enjoying the creative research or simply taking pleasure in being in the here and now.

Kenji TakagiEmily Wittbrodt

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