Workshops 2022

Workshops 2022

Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig

© Alexi Pelekanos
Intensive 2, 23.7.+24.7.2022
11:00–17:00 / +Teacher
Arsenal A

Dance the slime!

Mucus (“goo”) is a biologically vital substance that triggers ambivalent reactions: disgust and shivers, but also curiosity and the desire to touch. Mucus is not clearly solid or liquid, neither it is our own nor foreign but sometimes both at the same time. Every life begins moist, we are not born dry, not “clean”. Mucus is a substance that is originally familiar to us, that holds the organism together and creates connections. In science fiction it often appears in connection with aliens and stands for the non-human, the unknown that spreads fluidly; and in our pandemic present it is also tainted with fear.

In the workshop we will look at slime in its different qualities. Fluidity in the body and in body boundaries will be traced, in improvisations with and without slime substances we will try to approach slime empathically. The slime is material and performer at the same time, people and slime touch each other, network, form alliances. Doris Uhlich engages in the notion that our bodies are in constant connection and exchange with other bodies and life forms.

Live DJ: Boris Kopeinig
Slime preparation: Philomena Theuretzbacher

In the workshop we will move dressed and also naked or in underwear (as you wish).Please bring a 10, 15 or 20 litre-bucket on the first day of the workshop.

Doris UhlichBoris Kopeinig
© Maria Ziegelböck
© Maria Ziegelböck