Workshops 2022

Workshops 2022

Christopher Matthews
A Queer House Party: Crafting

Intensive 3, 30.7.+31.7.2022
Arsenal 4

With the closure of so many queer safe spaces during the pandemic, what is it to be a kind of family, make temporary homes and have the potential to express ourselves in a safe environment? Arranged as a teenage hangout, A Queer House Party: Crafting will look at how to make a party that is inclusive, intimate, and a space for quiet queers.

We been beadin, We been beadin, we get warm and cosy when that hot tea is in us. We been gluin, we been gluin, Why can’t we keep puffy paint off it? Baby, I want needle point now, now-now. Why can’t I keep puffy paint off it? Crafting is nice, crafting is nice, feelin like a house party with all these queer people all in our safe space. Disco lights, disco lights, we got all cosy, cosy, cosy. Baby, I want you to join me now-now, we can’t keep our eyes off the snacks table. Join me and we will get crafty. 

We will wake up in the kitchen, Saying, “How the hell did this craftin happen?” oh, baby (I can see you all the way, all the way back there), We be all night, last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies crafting up in that queer house party, crafting in love, (Sing it, y'all).

Please note: this is an overnight workshop.  It takes place from 29 July (21:00) to 30 July (09:00).

Christopher Matthews

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