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Philipp Gehmacher
Morning Practice

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Week 3, 25.7.–29.7.
Arsenal F

This Morning Practice aims to share different aspects of Philipp’s personal movement practice in daily sessions. It will be about the own body and the body-in-motion. We work with the body as a material that we can shape and bring into movement at the same time. We think of it in parts as well as a whole, with one or many centres. We sharpen our “felt sense” in relation to gravity and “effort” or even “comfort”. We develop an idea of the body's inner space and at the same time confirm a constant connection to our environment. Because this is the only way to get it moving.
We always examine our body-in-motion in reference to the parameters inscribed in the human body such as verticality and horizontality, stillness and movement, material and addressing, front, back, centre, periphery: an insight into the corpus with all its limbs.

Philipp Gehmacher


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