Workshops 2019

Workshops 2019

Fabiana Pastorini & Andrew Mournehis
The 6th Element

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Week 4, 5.8.–9.8.2019
17:00–20:00 / XL +Teacher
Arsenal E

The 6th Element

Dance as dialogue between cultures

What do the five elements of Chinese philosophy have in common with the Gods and Goddesses expressed in Yoga and Hinduism? What energies do they move? Where do they meet in a space of similarity and synergy? Where do they differ? Can we create a 6th Elemental realm through dance, movement, yoga and embodiment?

Fabiana and Andrew, with over 50 years shared experience in their arts, dance and healing fields are merging and uniting the concepts of two cultures. Both Eastern, merged to bring them to life in our Western Culture. Both ancient and rich in metaphors, two different worldviews, search for this 6th Element: An Abstract yet Universal energetic force and pulsation that guides us, unites us...motivates, inspires and liberates US. This workshop will merge Chinese Medicine "5 Elements" Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire from the view of Dance for Health with Yoga, Dance, Mythology and Storytelling ("4 of my greatest passions" as Andrew would say), in search of a universal principle that empowers life. Each day a Chinese element will invite a Hindu deity to dialogue through dance and its energies opening the space for reflection. Let the Gods and Goddesses dance: Ganesha, Mahakala/ Shiva, Saraswati, Bagalamukhi and Krishna in a dialogue with the 5 Elements until only the essence of them remains, floating in space without cultural borders. The 6th element, simply Divine and Transcendent!

Fabiana PastoriniAndrew Mournehis

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