Workshops 2019

Workshops 2019

Fabiana Pastorini
Dance for Health (55+)

© Emilia Milewska
Week 4, 5.8.–9.8.2019
11:40–14:40 / XL
Arsenal D

Dance for Health

Energy – Dance – Bodywork

"Hiding in this cage of visible matter, is the invisible life bird. Pay attention to her
she is singing your song" – Kabir

Dance for Health is based on the five phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) and combines the elements of dance and bodywork. By combining dance with other techniques (meditation, breathing technique), it activates balance and fosters energetic flow. Bodywork, the principles of the meridians (TCM) and free dance support this journey to ourselves and help to listen more closely to the inner "song". To let our "true inner self" dance, is a direct way to activate our personal inner strength, potentials and healing powers. Liberated, vitalised and fulfilled.

Fabiana Pastorini

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