Workshops 2018

Workshops 2018

Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig

© Emma Szabó
Intensive 1, 21.7.+22.7.2018
Arsenal E


Since 2014 the choreographer Doris Uhlich and the DJ Boris Kopeinig work together. Two different musical biographies and the same interest in the physical effects of sound are to be shared with participants in the workshop.

Bodyfrequencies is a workshop about sound waves and fat waves, about interpersonal waves and spatial streams, as well as about physical and acoustic intensities. The question is: how do waveforms influence, diminish and intensify each other, how they overlap and create new vibrations and frequencies.

The work as a DJ includes amongst other things, "analytical listening", focus on individual elements out of a plurality of sounds, discover combinations and connections between the sounds and at the same time never lose track of the entirety of the mix. This constant shift of perspective will sharpen our awareness of where to focus within sound levels and where to build physical connections to individual tracks and sounds.

Sound does not only reach the ears, but also hits and enters the body. Two days in which the body confronts waves of all sorts, bathes in seismic sound-dance and starts to grasp sound in all its components as well as experience sound in its entirety.

"this is beyond hearing
you is just vibrations so there's no difference between self and music." – Kathy Acker

Doris UhlichBoris Kopeinig
© Alexi Pelekanos
© Maria Ziegelböck
© Maria Ziegelböck