Workshops 2016

Workshops 2016

Kira Kirsch
Winding Unwinding Finding - Axis Syllabus

Intensive 2, 30.7.+31.7.2016
09:45–12:00 + 15:00–17:15
Arsenal B

Winding Unwinding Finding

tuning into networks

For this intensive I choose fascia to be weaving in and out of our attention and sensation, creating a nourishing thread spinning through our bodies, dances and thoughts. Fascia, often referred to as connective tissue, is an active, intelligent and communicative sensory organ enveloping, permeating and constituting the body in whirling spirals and chaotic networks. This emergent anatomical claim stretches between communities of biologists, massage therapists, anatomists and pathologists as well as somatic practitioners and dancers, providing stimulating physical proof for connection, peripheral intelligence and interdependent systems. No matter which system in the body; bones, muscles, nervous system, organs or skin - fascia is always there, manifesting in a multitude of forms, textures and densities. Its complexity and omnipresence challenges categorisation and invites new perspectives on anatomy, architecture and thinking about the body. We will palpate and improvise from fascial membranes and along fascial meridians, explore various practices to tune into the different states and properties of fascia, using this specific lens to look at functional movement, both alone and with partners.

Expect hands-on partner work, theory, solo practice, movement patterns and a lot of exploring and dancing.

Kira Kirsch

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