Workshops 2016

Workshops 2016

Kira Kirsch
Degrees of Freedom - Axis Syllabus

Week 2, 25.7.–29.7.2016
Arsenal 2

Degrees of Freedom – Axis Syllabus

a manual for movers / training practices for dynamic coordination & conditioning

So how does all of this work: flexibility, strong centre, opening of the hips, grounding and the loose neck? How much strength is necessary and how much is too much? And what do all these terms actually mean? How does freedom in the movement feel like?

These and other thoughts are the starting point to gain an insight into applied and living architecture of the body, biomechanics and physics. With a new understanding for relations we can observe individually inherited as well as constitutional limitations and explore resulting movement potential. With skillful coordination and the holistic interplay we will dance, improvise and explore the sustainable, feel good and individually adapted movement range. This Workshop requires curiosity and a natural spirit for research.

Kira Kirsch

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