Workshops 2015

Workshops 2015

Kira Kirsch

Week 2, 27.7.–31.7.2015
Arsenal A


spine = deep somatic awareness of dynamic evolutionary design
space = spatial orientation defined by individual architecture, gravity and centrifugal forces
sparkles = joy & vitality

The starting point for our journey will be our spine, a complex, dynamic structure, with a mosaic of features shaped by natural selection over vast periods of time - exquisitely capable as well as marked by fragility and subject to pain or injury for most of us at some point in life.

We will take observations and considerations of human evolutionary biology and dynamic architectural design (tensegrity, waves) to explore the body’s contemporary manifestation, how we read its functions and how we can protect and increase its potential. I invite you to the art of observation by looking at our shared and individual varied anatomies and by tracing ideas and concepts of experiencing the body in different contexts. 

Expect theory, applied research and a practice towards the cultivation of subtle articulation and a deep sensing spine. A spine that effectively distributes and recycles kinetic impact through itself, into pelvis, periphery and space. We will experiment with variations of crawling, walking, running and jumping to explore the history and adaptability of the spine with high regards to gravity as the complementary organizing factor. Movement material ranges from analytical slow motion to repetitive swinging to powerful high dynamics with a taste of acrobacy. 

My personal interest lays in providing food for thought, time for integration and tools for sustainability, and health. Inspiring a critical but sparkling dance practice.

The Axis Syllabus can be considered an information resource pool filled with tools, tactics and knowledge for continuously improving movement education and training practices for dancers and everyone that desires to move. The AS claims to be a detailed systemic and a continuously redefining movement analysis that is based on on-going empirical, multi-scientific and pedagogical inquiry. Knowledge is gathered, organised and tested by a community of teachers and students from all walks of life. Safe falling reflexes, transitions, finding healthy range of motion, injury prevention or kinetic efficiency are some of the key objectives. An Axis Syllabus class aims to create a collaborative learning environment and effective space for personal research.

Kira Kirsch

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