Workshops 2014

Workshops 2014

Anastasia Stoyannides
Trough Diversity We Shine

Intensive 1, 26.7.+27.7.2014
Arsenal 4

Through diversity we shine

Supervision, inspiration and a sense of community for yoga teachers of various traditions

During this intensive seminar the main focus will be on encouraging yoga teachers to creatively integrate their skills and knowledge while sharing the profound effects of yoga.

Join us to:
Enrich the way you teach while unwinding your teaching principles and your personal yoga routine.
Reflect on ethics, attitude, intention and the role of the yoga teacher today
Gain within an inspirational setting valuable feedback on how to motivate your students toward psychosomatic changes and self-empowerment
Experiment within an immersive space on how to design and lead mind-body experiences that will touch the heart and intrigue the imagination and learning process of your students
Make a profession out of the pleasure of yoga. Marketing tips to promote your workshops and retreats.
Network with and connect to other yoga teachers
Share ideas and exchange experiences, honouring diversity
Bring your questions! Here is the space to talk all about yoga!!!

Please send your resumé to:
You will then be informed about the process that needs to be followed up before the beginning of the seminar.

I am really excited and honoured to share with you such a valuable and warm-hearted experience!!!

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