Workshops 2014

Workshops 2014

Anastasia Stoyannides
Hatha Yoga - Bien Temperé

Week 2, 28.7.–1.8.2014
Arsenal 4

Hatha Yoga - bien tempéré / The Style Ruchpaul

"Hatha-Yoga is not fast food. It is a transformation of our physiological potential"

"During this week I would like to share with you another perspective of what Yoga could offer. Often we are entering a Yoga class with lots of expectations of what Yoga might bring to our physicality and/or to our mental state of being.

What about if we practice Yoga with the only wish to enjoy our body and ourselves as we are right now?
With the practice of Hatha Yoga "bien tempéré", we will learn how to trust on the principle: "with the minimum of effort we can achieve the maximum of effect".
How does it feel, if we allow a non-competitive performance to take place? How do we perceive ourselves as well as the world around us?
Hatha Yoga introduces postures - the asanas - as a medium to reach towards a more refined state of awareness. Trusting on the intuitive intelligence of our body as a vehicle for self-development and spiritual growth, we will soon be enjoying a spontaneous state of equanimity, joy and grace. We feel our strength and we le it shine!!!"
My wish is to encourage the yoga practitioner to cultivate trust in his/her profound nature in order to be able to effectively incorporate the benefits of the yoga practice in the demands of daily life.

"…With Eva Ruchpaul’s unique Hatha Yoga technique and Anastasia as a teacher, I found exactly what I was looking for in yoga. It’s rebalancing, invigorating and rejuvenating—and simply blissful, I love it!" - Irina P., Vienna

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