Workshops 2014

Workshops 2014

Mariella Greil & Sabina Holzer
Basic Income Dance

© Nikolaus Gansterer
Intensive 3, 9.8.+10.8.2014
Arsenal E

Basic Income Dance

Dance with a touch of critique

The Basic Income Dance deals with the resource-oriented, sustainable re-distribution and is a plea for freedom of spaces, interpersonal relationships and new valuations. In this workshop we see our body as an unconditional resource that constantly conditions ourselves and relate it to visions and questions about the unconditional basic income. In this way we develop common, individual utopian maps and choreography. We turn our attention to everyday life and breathe new life into our simple actions in a mindful, instinctive and intuitive way. Thus dance is a useful and pleasurable, but also a thoroughly critical practice directed against maximisation of profits, efficiency and exploitation.

This workshop is addressed to everyone interested in creative expression in relation to social-political issues and who likes thinking and moving together! No previous experience necessary!

The first edition of the Basic Income dance was part of imagetanz 2014 - Festival of choreography, performance and Care in March 2014 in Vienna. 

This Workshop is free of charge, apart from the Registration Fee!

Mariella GreilSabina Holzer