Odile Seitz
BMC® – Boundaries & Sensuality – A Skin Dance

© Wilfried Weis
Week 2, 22.7.–26.7.2024
Arsenal 4

The skin is our basic outer boundary that separates the physical body from other physical bodies around it. Attention to this shell becomes clearer in contact with the environment and with others, strengthening the sense of self and identity. This layer serves to protect the soft tissues as a vehicle of communication and maintains our outer form. In addition, the skin is the first organ of touch through which we discover the world.

How and what do we perceive through our skin and how does movement change when the skin becomes more conscious? How does dance feel when it arises from the sensuality of the skin?

These questions are explored with the help of anatomical information, free movements, individually or in groups. The result is a dance that combines the intimacy of inner sensations with the diversity of external experiences and strengthens individual fullness and expressiveness.

Odile Seitz
© Hans-Jürgen Wege
© Hans-Jürgen Wege