Valentina Schisa & Elisabetta Violante
I Believe in Bodies

© Chris Waikiki
Week 1, 15.7.–19.7.2024
18:15–20:00 / +Teacher
Arsenal B

Valentina Schisa and Elisabetta Violante have been Ismael Ivo's assistants in choreography and soloist dancers for 11 years, from 2008 to 2019. Side by side in all these years, they have explored the style and composition technique of the Brazilian choreographer, treasuring his teachings by living them firsthand. Over the years he has educated hundreds of young dancers to drive them towards professionalism. Elisabetta and Valentina themselves have walked this path with him. Every year at ImPulsTanz Ismael held an open level workshop: this was for him a great inspiration and source of creative energy.

This workshop is designed to allow everyone, with their own background and experiences, to get in touch with Ismael Ivo's training methodology. A basic technique lesson, inspired by Ivo's vocabulary, will be offered. We will explore together some improvisation tools that have been the foundation of many of Ivo's shows and try to convey the essence and beauty of the art of this maestro who was the soul and beating heart of this Festival.

Valentina SchisaElisabetta Violante
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